Favorit Kultur och Temaresor

Favorit Kultur och Temaresor arranges tours of high quality, with specialized themes such as music, gardening, culture and trekking. All trips are led by guides with specific knowledge; and the activities are carefully selected to meet the standards that the informed and knowledgeable traveller requires.

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Grand Tours

With quality and personal service as a hallmark, Grand Tours offers content-rich tours with feel-good experiences. Grand Tours organises tours such as river cruises, spa- and wellness, long-stay and round-trips. All itineraries are led by Swedish-speaking guides. Grand Tours also organises trips for PRO members.

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Hemslöjdsresor arranges custom designed itineraries for the traveler with a special interest in textiles, craft and handicraft. The tours are conducted in neighboring countries, such as Estonia and Denmark, but also in distant destinations such as Peru, China and India. The company also awards travel scholarships.

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Historiska Resor

Historiska Resor offers tailor made tours with historical themes, always led by specialists in their respective areas. Several of the trips focus on military history. All tours offered by Historiska Resor are created for travellers with a keen interest in the history of countries and its inhabitants.

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Indienresor organises a wide variety of tours with Swedish tour guides, as well as tailor made itineraries for individual travellers. The tour leaders at Indienresor are a unique group of engaged and enthusiastic specialists committed to provide memories that will last a lifetime.

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Kinaresor offers Sweden’s largest and most comprehensive itineraries for tours in China. The range of tours includes China as well as the neighbouring countries – Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Japan and Mongolia. Kinaresor has Swedish tour guides who are experts on China and Southeast Asia, as well as a number of local Swedish-speaking Chinese guides.

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Äventyrsresor arranges itineraries focusing on wildlife, the natural world and trekking. Trips are conducted in small groups to, for example, the savannahs of east Africa, the enchanted Galapagos Islands, the rainforests of Borneo and the Polar Regions. Tour guides are often Swedish biologists, geologists and nature photographers. Since Äventyrsresor started in 1984, it has always prioritized sustainable travel and pioneered ecotourism in Sweden.

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